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Bates Integrated Technology Solutions

We provide Custom Software Development, Web Design, and Software Consulting Services for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We believe that any development effort is an ongoing process that requires a steady stream of communication with, presentation to, and feedback from our clients. This process keeps you involved in the creation of your solution.

Check out our Services for details or Contact Us to let Bates Integrated Technology Solutions know how we can be of service to you today! We can’t wait to get your idea off the ground!


What we do best

Creative problem solving is our favorite thing to do. We do that through developing a strong client relationship, learning the ins and outs of client needs, and then provide solutions in various methods.


Custom applications that meet your needs. Increase productivity and efficiency in your organization with customized software solutions.


The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. – George Bernard Shaw

Our communication solutions will eliminate this problem in your organization.


We develop copy for organizations from emails, training, handbooks, presentations, to web content, etc. If you need content drafted, we can help.

SEO & Analytics

Get results by leveraging our expertise in SEO & web analytics.

Web design

Your website is the gateway for your clients. Whether it is meant to be for your internal organization or external users, it should be sharp. We’ll design and customize your website and make your vision a reality.

Complex solutions

All things work together in the digital age – or at least they should. We know sometimes we have more tools than we have passwords. That’s where we come in. Through consulting, we’ll identify multi-package solutions so your business can run faster and farther than it ever has.


How we work

Process matters. This is your business we are talking about and we take it seriously. We consider it a privilege to work with you, develop a relationship with your organization, and help your dreams become a reality through integrated technology solutions.

Defining the problem

We’ll consult with you to determine what problems we need to solve, what implications come from that and then prioritize them.

Conduct the research

Each facet of our integrated technology solutions requires different levels of research. Rest assured, we stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest solutions, updates, and will research your organizations market and target audiences to provide the most relevant solution for you.

Basic outline

In this step, we’ll provide drafts, outlines, and proposals for your project. As the client, we include you every step of the way. After all, this is your organization we are working with, it should have your fingerprint on it too!

Design & development

This is the fun part– well for us it is! We love to bring order to chaos, create from scratch, and solve problems. We’ll keep you updated via our internal communication systems where you have insight each stop of the way.

Final discussion

By this time, we are friends. We know how we each take our coffee, how our kids are doing in school, and we are ready for the final critiques. This is where we present an almost finished product for you and your teams to review. Then, based on your findings we make tweaks to make it the perfect product, just for you.

Product launch

It’s go time! The moment we have all been waiting for. That dream you had, that idea that sparked an inquiry to our team, that vision– it’s ready to launch. We do all the behind-the-scenes work on launch day so you can celebrate, implement, and celebrate some more!


Some things we've worked on

These are just a few of our projects- check them out, be inspired, start dreaming of your own project. We are ready to make it a reality!


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